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Paketix is specially designed as a platform for restaurants and courier companies, offering flexible solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

It modernizes operations and enhances efficiency through real-time data monitoring, customized pricing, and full transparency.

With Paketix, elevate your order management, logistics optimization, and customer satisfaction to distinguish your business in the market.


Paketix Character
Transparent and Fair Trade


The Paketix platform guarantees transparency and fairness in every transaction. Courier companies set their service prices and conditions.

Restaurants progress by selecting the service provider they want for each order.

Service delivery conditions are predefined and are communicated to the restaurant before each order.

True Business Partnership


Paketix offers a usage-based operational model that aligns with the growth potential of businesses.

As your revenue from transactions on the platform increases, both you and Paketix benefit.

No additional fees are charged.

Up-to-date Technology


The platform's technology is continuously updated to remain modern and secure.

It requires no installation.

From small businesses to large corporations, it allows seamless access from all your locations, domestically and internationally, and can be used with the maps of that country.

Reliable Data Management


Your data belongs to you. User data collected on the platform is used in an anonymized form to improve the services offered.

There is never a case of selling or sharing data with other parties.

If you stop using the platform, you can request the deletion of your data.

A Seamless Service Journey

Paketix aims to facilitate seamless cooperation between restaurants and courier companies. In the event of issues, we prefer to work with partners who take responsibility, thus reducing potential order cancellations and informing the restaurant of their rights before an order is canceled. As a regulator protecting the interests of both parties, we provide a reliable and fair trading environment.

Automatic Route Optimization

The most efficient delivery routes are automatically planned with minimal operator intervention.

Multiple Platform Integration

Seamless integration with various sales and management systems.

Interactive User Experience

An easily accessible and understandable user interface.

Enhanced Courier Visibility

Real-time tracking of courier locations and delivery statuses.

Automatic Payment System

Payments between platform users are automatically made using credit or bank cards.

Automatic Invoicing

All invoices (e-invoice or e-archive) are automatically issued.

Transaction Security

All payment card information is stored in BRSA-approved secure infrastructures. Card details are never stored on the platform.


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Paketix Business Partners provides all services. Even if no Paketix Business Partner currently serves your area, you can still become a Paketix Restaurant and enjoy other benefits.


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